Mount Laila

Mount Laila is 4010 meters tall and located in Svaneti, a relatively unexplored mountain region in the Caucasus, Georgia. Mount Laila is highly glaciated but not very steep and surrounded by other mountains that are more than 5000 meters tall. Until not very long ago, it was impossible to travel to the Svaneti region due to political unrest and poor infrastructure. Today, the region is accessible and safe, and the climbing restrictions are lifted. A few years ago, we started building primitive wooden mountain cabins together with the local people of Svaneti. These cabins are much like the ones that the traditional shepherds have been using for ages, but we built them near the alpine routes that lead to prominent summits. Inside the cabins, you will find everything you need: beds, wood for a fire, and protection from the wind, rain, and cold. We decided to rent out the cabins to alpinists for a few reasons. First, to improve the safety of climbers. Climbing on mountains like Mount Laila is never without risk. In case of unexpected bad weather or serious injuries, a cabin can be a lifesaving shelter. A second reason is to give a positive impulse to the local economy of Svaneti. And, of course, we rent out the cabins because a trip to the Svaneti mountains can be a life-changing experience, which we love to arrange. Today, we are no longer focused on building new cabins. Now, our goal is to use our knowledge of the region and the network we built throughout the years to advise people on their trips. We can put you in contact with licensed mountain guides or local boys who have no license but are very able to show you the way to the Laila summit or other mountains. We can help you with all your wishes in the Georgian mountains.

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Mount Laila is 4010 meters tall and not very steep. For this reason, it is the perfect mountain for both inexperienced alpinists and more experienced alpinists who want to train for expeditions to the higher summits that surround Laila. The mountain is highly glaciated and has three summits that are more than 3990 meters tall: the North, Central, and South peaks. Within a 10 kilometers radius around Mount Laila, there are several peaks that are more than 3800 meters tall that have never been climbed before. The Laila Pass, which lies at 3100 meters, is popular among tour skiers in wintertime. Going beyond this pass in the direction of the 2800-meter Muhuldari Valley behind Mount Laila is not recommended in the period from the first of November until the first of June due to the risk of avalanches.


During summer, Georgian shepherds traditionally live in little wooden cabins high up in the mountains. In June, July, and August, their cows graze in the higher Caucasus valleys. In September, when summer is over, the shepherds bring their cows down and leave the mountain cabins uninhabited.

The cabins are also very popular among tour skiers in wintertime. One of our cabins is located near the Laila Pass. In wintertime, the snow around the cabin can be more than 5 meters tall, which shields the cabin from the wind and makes it warm like an igloo. Inside the cabin, there are eight beds, a cooker, and enough wood to keep warm. This cabin is located at 2200 meters, right on the tree line, about 1000 meters higher than the last village on the route to Laila.


Kutaisi Airport is the airport closest to Svaneti. From here, the easiest way to Svaneti is to take the local bus. In case of heavy snowfall during wintertime, the Georgian government does everything to keep the mountain roads clean.