Mount Laila is 4010 meters high and located in Svaneti, a still unexplored mountainregion in the Caucasus, Georgia. Mount Laila is not very steep, highly glaciated and surrounded by mountains higher than 5000 meters. Not so many years ago, it was not possible to travel to the Caucasus mountain region of Svaneti, because of political problems and bad infrastructure. Nowadays it's open and safe, there is no restriction anymore to climb the more than 5000 meter mountains that surround Svaneti. A few years ago we started to build some primitive wooden mountain cabins together with the local people in Svaneti, the same kind as the traditional shepherds are using alreday for ages, only we putted them on locations on alpinism routes to prominent summits. In the cabin you have everything you need, wood for fire, beds, protection against wind, rain and cold. We tried to rent the huts to alpinists. All this we did for a few reason. The first was to enlarge the safety for climbers. Climbing on mountains like Mount Laila is never without risk. In case of unexpected bad weather or serious enjuries of climbers, such a hut could be life saving. The second reason is to give a positive impulse to the local, still undevelopped economy of Svaneti. And, of course, we did it because a trip to the svaneti mountains can be a mindblowing experience, wich we love to arrange. Nowadays, we are not so much focussed on building mountain cabins. Our focus is now to use the network in Georgia and knowledge of the reagion that we built through the years by advising people with their trip. We can bring you in contact with licensed mountain guides, but also with local boys who have no license but are very able to show you the way to the Laila summit or other mountains. We could help you with all your wishes in the Georgian mountains.

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Mount Laila (4010 m.)

Mount Laila is 4010 meters high and it is not very steep. For this reason, it is the perfect mountain for unexperienced alpinists, and also for the more experienced alpinists who want to train for expeditions to the higher summits around Laila. The mountain is highly glaciated, and has 3 summits wich an altitude above 3990 meters, the North, Central and South peak. In a circle of about 10 kilometers around the Laila there are several peaks of 3800 meters high that have never been climbed yet.

The 3100 Laila Pass is popular under Tourskiers in winter. Going further than the pass in the direction of the 2800 m. Muhuldari Vallei behind the Laila is not recommended in the period from the first of November to about the first of June because of the risk on avalanches.


Georgian sherperds traditionally live in little wooden mountain cabins high in the mountains during the summer. In June, July and August, they have their cows grazing in the higher grounds of the Caucasus. In September, when the summer is over, the cows are driven downwards and the mountain cabins are uninhabited.

The cabins are also a very popular place to stay for tourskiers in winter. One of the cabins is located near the Mount Laila pass. In winter te snow around the cabin can become more than 5 meters, wich makes the cabin prepared from wind so it will be warm like an iglo. There are 8 beds, a coocker and wood to keep it warm. This cabin is situated at about 2200 meters, at the forest line, and about 1000 meters higher than the highest village on the road to Laila.


Kutaisi is the nearest airport to get to Svaneti. Than the easiest way to go to svaneti is by the local bus services. When there is a lot of snow in winter, the government does everything to clean the mountain roads.