Karavi Mountain Cabins!

Georgian sherperds traditionally live in little wooden mountain cabins high in the mountains during the summer. In June, July and August, they have their cows grazing in the higher grounds of the Caucasus. In September, when the summer is over, the cows are driven downwards and the mountain cabins are uninhabited.

The traditional mountain cabins where the sherperds live in are called Karavi. The Karavi are the perfect place to sleep for adventurers, mountain lovers and of course, people who want to climb the summits, because the summit of Mount Laila can not possibly be reached from the village in a single day. Starting this summer, the Karavi will be available for alpinists who climb Laila in three days. In the Karavi, there is everything you need to eat and sleep. They are equipped with
a wood stove, 8 beds, a kerosene lamp and a few more things needed to stay there. The Karavi are located in the middle of the overwhelming mountain landscape and you have a view on several peaks of more than 5000 meters high.


To give you what you want, you can choose between several options. If you want to be sure that services like horse rental and mountain guides are available, you can book them in front on our website. If you are not sure, we can offer you a sober but complete holiday for €25,00 per day including all the basic services like eating, drinking and sleeping. You can decide to book horses and mountain guides during your holiday, but in this case there is a chance they are already occupied by that time.