Travel to Georgia and the Mountain Cabins

From the nearest airport, Kutaisi, a ride by car to the mountain village takes four and a half hours. If you land at convenient times, you can immediately be picked up at the airport. A ride costs 10 euro per person. If you want to be picked up straight from the airport and you land on a less auspicious time, for example during the night, you can be picked up but the prices are higher and are determined in consultation.


To give you what you want, you can choose between several options. If you want to be sure that services like horse rental and mountain guides are available, you can book them in front on our website. If you are not sure, we can offer you a sober but complete holiday for €25,00 per day including all the basic services like eating, drinking and sleeping. You can decide to book horses and mountain guides during your holiday, but in this case there is a chance they are already occupied by that time.