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A Karavi is the Georgian name a small wooden mountain hut at a higher altitude in the mountains. The Karavias have traditionally served as housing for shepherds during the summer months, when the higher fields in the Caucasus are used to graze livestock. When the summer is over in mid-September, the cows are driven into the valley.

The Karavis are the ideal place to stay for mountain lovers because they are located at a distance from mountain peaks that can be bridged in 1 day. In addition, they are located in the middle of the overwhelming mountain landscape and you have a view of the more than 5000 meter high peaks of the Caucasus. The Karavias are equipped with a wood stove, 8 beds, a kerosene lamp and some other things that are needed to stay overnight. The Karavias are pretty much habitable in the months of May through November. This period will differ from year to year and is partly dependent on avalanche danger. This will be determined in collaboration with the local population.